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Nature Trail

The Community Council of Khirokitia, in the context of the development of the wider area of the village, has created an amazing Nature Trail, which joins the village with the archeological site of Khirokitia.

The trail -with a length of 2 kilometers - starts from the central square of the village.  In the route through our village you can admire the picturesque character of the community with the paved small streets and the traditional houses.  Two houses are built above the street and the pedestrian passes under them as if under a bridge.

Descending down the slope of the mountain, the river of Agios Minas -with its wild vegetation -is found on the left.  There you can admire the steep rocky places with their unique beauty.  In the middle of the route there is a cave, which -according to tradition -the inhabitants used as a refuge to protect them from the pirates and from various natural disasters.  Above the cave there are benches where the pedestrian can rest before advancing to the ridge of the mountain.

Reaching the ridge of the mountain, you see the Neolithic settlement, the main road of Limassol-Nicosia, and -in the background -the sea of Zygi is clearly perceived.  From there you can clearly see all the area of the community.

The trail ends at the archeological Neolithic settlement of Khirokitia, where one can admire the splendor and the art of our ancestors. 

Throughout the route of the trail there is no interference on nature but only natural vegetation. 

Indeed, it is said that if someone takes the whole route of the trail and does not get tired (due to the ascents and the descents that exist) then he has no health problems.







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