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Church of Agios Iacovos

The Church of Agios Iacovos Persis is located in the village square and it was built at the beginning of the 19th century. The church is stone-built - the north wall is 2 metres thick – single-roomed and is built based on the gothic style whereas its roof is covered with tiles.

The icon of Agios Iacovos Persis is the work of the Cretan painter Ioannis Cornaro. The saint is depicted frontally from the hips and up along with two angels. Depicted at the bottom of the icon is the entire torture of the cutting up of the Saint.   

The Great Martyr Agios Iacovos Persis lived around the end of the 4th century and the beginning of the 5th century (395-421 A.D.) in the Persian city of Vithlava, in the land of the Elouzision. He was an honourable and proud man and was also beloved by Iezdegerdis, king of the Persians. As a result of the great friendship that was developed between them, Agios Iacovos was led to the abjuration of Christianity and accepted the love and friendship of the king. His mother and wife, who were devout women, tried to convince him to come back on the right track until they finally succeeded. King Iezdegerdis, having obviously perceived this fact as a termination of loyalty towards him, ordered the killing of Agios Iacovos through cutting him into pieces. 

His memory in honoured on November 27







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